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All grant requests must submit this form during the grant presentation at the meeting.

To obtain a form LG555: Click Here.     NEW LINK

Wondering how we spend our money?
Money obtained through Pull-Tab gambling can be used for grant requests only. These grants not only go towards lake and area health, they also enable many of our community members and students to participate in sports-musical-class camps, trips and publications, FCCLA state and National events, community scholarship awards, sport uniforms,  Firefighter and Ambulance upgrades and needs, community celebrations, school sponsored events, dances and other celebrations, and many more activities.  
Without members and membership dues, the URLAA would cease to exist and so would the thousands of dollars in grants given out annually. Please consider spending $25.00 (individual), or $50.00 (business) to help us in continuing to grant helping dollars to local clubs, organizations and schools. Use the grant form for your information and mail it to the address listed therein. Thank you to ALL our existing members and future members for your continuing aid and support of our community. A heartfelt thank you to past directors/members for building this organization and working tirelessly on our behalf.
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