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Big Bog State Park Project

“We will work with the people of Minnesota to manage Big Bog State Recreation Area so that its significant natural, cultural, and scenic resources are protected and enhanced for current and future generations while providing diverse and unique educational and recreational opportunities without negatively impacting park resources.”

What is the Big Bog State Park?

The park is situated on a low-lying, sedimentary plain that was once the bed of post-glacial Lake Agassiz. The area contains open sphagnum bogs, black spruce bogs, peat bogs, white cedar swamps, and lake beaches. This bog gave rise to the name "Big Bog."


The Red Lake Peatland contains the largest, most diversely patterned peatland in the United States. It lies in the middle of the Agassiz Lowland landscape region in the north central part of the state.

Facts about the Big Bog?

Over 50 miles long and 12 miles wide, the Big Bog, as it is called, features the largest, best developed water track in the United States. The area contains ovoid islands, circular islands, raised bogs, and every pattern of fen feature—teardrop islands, circular islands, and ribbed fens. Transitions in these surface patterns are of international significance in the effort to understand peatland features and succession.


Trails used by caribou in their migration to Canada's calving grounds can still be seen, though the last migration took place in the 1930s. A portion of the area has been designated a National Natural Landmark. 

Wanting to Visit The Park or Looking to see how you can help?

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Location & Information:


P.O. Box 428

Waskish, MN 56685



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