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Who Are We?

The Upper Red Lake Area Association (URLAA) is a long-established, non-profit volunteer group whose mission is: “To promote and enhance the Upper Red Lake Area, and the economic, commercial, and social interests of its inhabitants." In conjunction with the Beltrami County Soil and Water Conservation District’s (SWCD) Clean Water Specialist, Zachrie Gutknecht, and through the guidance of Lake of the Woods (LOW) Keep it Clean initiative, we are embarking on a Pilot Project. The Upper/Lower Red Lake, Keep it Clean initiative is currently funded by the Red Lake Watershed District (RLWD) and the URLAA. The funding will provide several forms of outreach media, biodegradable waste bags, and four dedicated dumpsters at four lake access locations on Upper Red Lake this February and over the 2022-2023 winter fishing season.

What Are We Doing?


The president of the URLAA, Robyn Dwight, has been working closely with Zach and many local stakeholders, including the Red Lake Nation and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, to form the Upper/Lower Red Lake Keep it Clean Committee, and we welcome the opportunity to be part of a regional solution to such a complex issue. Our new URLAA website will share our message with the public and invite our members, old and new, to help us in this endeavor for the sake of a vibrant and healthy lake now and for future generations of visitors and residents.


Our Latest Project: Keep It Clean Campaign

Upper/Lower Red Lake echos the Keep it Clean - Leave No Trace message of Lake of the Woods and Mille Lacs and expresses our concerns very simply: Our purpose is to facilitate the safe disposal and removal of human waste from the frozen lake and the surrounding area. DURING THE WINTER FISHING SEASON An increase in recreational vehicles and people on the frozen lakes is resulting in an increase in the leftovers of human activity.

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